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Biohacking? Do-it-yourself biology for everyone

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What is biohacking? On Tuesday May 9th we tackle this question more in-depth and discover what the advantages are of this technological development, which will have a huge impact on ours lives and our society.



Winnie Poncelet is a biohacker, enterpreneur, and science communicator. He was one of the driving forces behind ReaGent, one of the first biohackerspaces in Belgium. He’s also involved with Ekoli, a nonprofit organisation which brings quality bioscience education to underprivileged children and school children. Recently, together with some colleagues, he has started the collective “Break it down”, with which he shares his experience with science communication and educational innovation.

Tom Peeters is lecturer of microbiology for students Biomedical Lab Technology at the Erasmus University College Brussels, and founder of the Open BioLab Brussels, the first biolab in Flanders within an institute for higher education that opened its doors for a broad audience.

Elise Elsacker devotes her life to eliminating all the waste from our daily lives. She herself already lives 100% waste free. She is a PhD student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, specialising in the budding discipline of multidisciplinary research with living biomaterials.


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Practical info

9 May 2017

19:00 - 21:00

Admission is free.


RITCS café

A. Dansaertstraat 70

Brussels, 1000 Belgium 


This event is organised preliminary to the Sparks programme in Belgium, coordinated by Technopolis. More information to come soon!

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