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[Science Espresso] From OUT OF ORDER back to a life that’s as independent as possible

  • Deep Space 8k by Tom Mesic
Sparks Science Espresso with Gerhard Nussbaum, KI-I–Competence Network
Information Technology to Support the Integration of People with Disabilities
Every year, many people suffer accidents that result in permanent disabilities such as quadriplegia and visual & auditory impairments. This address is an account of what can be a long and arduous path from the emergence of a disability to a new life in its aftermath. It will also deal with aids that can help the disabled to compensate in certain areas for their disabilities and/or limitations. They’re important means of enabling people to regain or maintain their independence and to participate in (digital) society. This speech will include a presentation of various assisting technologies—from low-tech to high-tech products—and an elaboration of their use, benefits and limitations. It will also provide insights into current R&D.
Practical info
13 May 2017
15:00 - 16:00
Admission is €3. Holders of a valid Museum ticket are admitted free of charge.
Ars Electronica Center
Ars-Electronica-Straße 1, 4040 Linz, Austria
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Photo credits: Tom Mesic
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