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Sparks: a 'success story'

  • Gallery view of Beyond the Lab - Science Museum London

The Sparks project was selected by the Network of National Contact Points for Science with and for Society (Swafs) in Horizon 2020 as successful project in promoting excellence in European research linked to Responsible Research and Innovation.

Sparks' unique touring exhibition featuring 7 DIY scientists' stories, 3 artworks, 29 local case studies and participatory activities constitute a model of citizens engagement in science, research and innovation in Europe. The edgy character of the exhibition, its fascinating stories and intriguing artworks have a the ability to question our relation to technology in healthcare and medicine. Sparks activities allow further opportunities to explore this relation and enable citizens to actively contribute to research processes thus better aligning innovation with their needs and expectations.

The approach taken in Sparks proves to be 'a great example of how citizens can shape science for the benefit of all, how their beliefs, interests and expectations can be integrated and how new ways on how to do research and innovation can lead to innovation'.

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Events date: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017