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Beyond the Lab in Prague

  • Sparks Czech Republic

Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution opens in Prague coordinated by Uskupen√≠ Tesla in cooperation with the National Museum of Agriculture.

Beyond the lab tells the story of 7 citizen scientists pioneering scientific research and artists blurring the line between arts and technology, present and future.

There's a scientist in each of us - let's find it together!


The exhibition opens to the public on 6 October during the Researchers Night with a whole programme of  activities:

How can each of us change science and society? Computers, the Internet, smartphones, and the availability of laboratory equipment have helped bring scientific research from closed laboratories to the wider public - but this revolution is launched by individuals like you and me. Join the Researchers Night's talks and discover how and why we can monitor air quality, what ethical issues are brought in by citizen science and "biohacking" and how these areas are evolving.  An exciting evening of presentations, round tables, discussions, guided tour of the exhibition and interventions from artists is expecting you!

The full programme of the evening is available here.


Practical information

National Agricultural Museum, Kostelní 44, Prague 7

Find out more about Sparks activities in Czech Republic on the National Agricultural Museum website and Utesla.

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Events date: 
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 to Sunday, January 7, 2018