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[Reversed Science Café] The Future of Life: Do We Understand What We Create?

  • Sparks Reversed Science Café Vilnius

Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM, the Society of Innovative Medicine and the Institute of Social Innovations present the main event of the Sparks programme in Lithuania: the Reversed Science Café!

Our perception of life is strongly influenced by current achievements in life sciences, especially in the field of synthetic biology. Genetically modified microorganisms are now capable of creating medicine, energy, detecting pathogens and much more. The transformation and creation of new life raises many bioethical and biosafety concerns, to which answers cannot be found by scientists alone. It is essential to take into account the opinions of the lay public, experts’ in social sciences and artists’. Do microorganisms have rights? How to control the spreading of GMOs in the environment? Facing the changing conception of life, why is the dialogue between scientists and public so important? 
The extraordinary SPARKS Reversed Science Café event-discussion with famous artist prof. U. Damm, philosopher assoc. prof. K Sabolius, young scientist G. Drabavičius, Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM team leader G. Jakutis and contemporary net artist M. Gapševičius, will take place on the 29th of September, at the Vilnius University Life Sciences Center.

Participants will be invited to discover the exhibition 'Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution' for its grand opening right after the event at 19:00 in the lobby of Vilnius University Life Sciences Center.


Practical information

Friday 29 September

17:00-19:00 (UTC+3)

Vilnius University Life Sciences Center
Saulėtekio al. 7, 10257 Vilnius

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Keynote lectures and discussion will be held in English.

Events date: 
Friday, September 29, 2017