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[Science Espresso #5] How much do we spend on heathcare?

Health costs are growing and are becoming less and less bearable for the population. In recent years the constant increase forces us to reflect on the causes that determine the explosion of the health insurance premiums. How to guarantee quality and economically sustainable medicine for everyone? How much is our health worth?
With the presence and in collaboration with Associazione consumatrici e consumatori della Svizzera italiana, Associazione Svizzera infermieri – Sezione Ticino and DEASS-SUPSI.


Franco Cavalli, doctor and President of the scientific committee of the European School of Oncology

With the presence of Luca Crivelli, economist and Prof. USI and SUPSI

Location: Aula magna, Istituto cantonale di economia e commercio, Bellinzona, Switzerland

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Events date: 
Monday, April 9, 2018