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[Science Espresso] ADEM: To measure is to know

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Get ready for a short but powerful science espresso of ADEM! A team of passionate civilians gives everything they have to raise awareness about the quality of the air that  you, your friends, your neighbor, the baker around the corner, … breathe in every day.
ADEM is a prime example of a project carried by non-scientists that aims to collect data on the air quality in the city. A team of 20 civilians-experts developed a DIY-kit which allows the measuring devices to be low cost, easily accessible, repairable and adaptable, and produced locally.
With the ADEM team.
Practical info
12 July 2017
Brusselsepoortstraat 97
9000 Ghent
Free entrance
Pssss while you're here: 'Beyond the Lab: the DIY science revolution' exhibition features a fantastic example of citizens crowdsourcing air quality measurements in London: check it out!
Events date: 
Wednesday, July 12, 2017