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[Science Espresso] The Malta BioBank

  • Sparks Science Espresso Malta

First Sparks Science Espresso in Malta!

Take part of the dialogue with Joanna Vella about the Malta BioBank:

The Malta BioBank conducts biomedical research with the aim of improving healthcare. In this Science Espresso, we will be discussing questions like:

  • What is a biobank and what does it do?
  • Why do we need a catalogue of samples?
  • Why is a biobank important for me as a citizen?

Your input is valuable so join us at Esplora for this discussion where coffee will be served for free!


Practical information

Thursday 20 July


Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Villa Bighi, 
Kalkara KKR1320 

More information about Sparks activities in Malta on Esplora's website.

Events date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017