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[Science Espresso] Meet the vaccines

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A harsh arming competition takes place in our environment every day. Various pathogens seek to trick the human immune system and the latter – undertakes their guile and reacts accordingly as well as memorizes the danger. This archaic, however elegant, mechanism of immune response was developed by complex organisms way before the human species entered nature. We also keep the “memories” of previously encountered microorganisms till the end of our lives. However, due to a rapid alternation and development of microorganisms, our natural defence system is not always capable of protecting us from the threats the germs possess. Luckily, we have developed a great help in this matter – vaccines, which have become a controversial object of interest for so called modern experts of everything. So for once and for all, how do the pathogens cause infectious diseases? Are vaccines truly dangerous, as is often implied by the anti-vaccers? What do the cow disease, vaccines and the wiping of deadly virus from the surface of the earth have in common? All the answers to these questions and much more will be revealed in our Science Espresso discussion on the 29th, August.


Practical information

Tuesday 29 August

19:00 (UTC+3)

Vero Cafe, Gedimino av 27, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Events date: 
Tuesday, August 29, 2017