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[Science Espresso] New Age Drugs: what awaits us tomorrow?

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From the dawn of civilization, people have been interested not only in the medicinal properties of plants, but also in their psychotropic effects, which was recorded in the oldest written sources. When people discovered the stunning properties of herbaceous plants, they became more and more susceptible to consumption, and their use was simplified. The consumption and distribution of psychotropic substances increased so rapidly that the concept of addiction emerged even in the seventeenth century. Nowadays, there is an increasing attempt to create synthetic, cheaper substitutes for natural psychoactive substances. For example, between 2009 and 2016, even 95 different synthetic cannabinoids, marijuana substitutes, were confiscated in the United States. How and why people's selectivity for psychotropic substances has changed? What is the difference between new-age psychotropic materials from classics? Get ready for discussions on November 7th!

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Tuesday 7 November
17:00 (UTC+2)

Pylimo g. 21B, 01141 Vilnius

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017