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[Science Espresso] Smart Bird Booths

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Environmental research also includes research about the animals that live in it. And since a long time it is not a domain reserved to experts: thanks to the project of smart bird rooms, Markéta Zárybnická (Czech University of Life Sciences), schools and the general public can also take part in it. Do you also want to see what is happening in the bird nests around you?

Ing. Markéta Zrybnická, Ph.D., (* 1979) graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, and now she is a scientist devoted to the study of ecology and ethology of birds, mostly owls. Within the framework of research in the Czech Republic and in Scandinavia, it has long been striving for automated collection of biological data using modern technologies using mainly CCTV systems. The center of her interest is to study the geographic variability of reproductive strategies of mythical mercy.

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Practical info

1 November 2017


National Agricultural Museum, Kostelní 44, Prague 7

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Events date: 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017