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Sparks at Ecsite Annual Conference 2017

  • 2017 Ecsite Conference Porto Life Everywhere

"Life Everywhere"

The largest of its kind in Europe, the Ecsite conference is open to everyone interested in public engagement with science. Join this very special event and its unique balance of large crowds and friendly family atmosphere, broad thematic scope and focused state of the art sessions, international perspectives and European touch, spotless organisation and room for surprises, peer collaboration and friendly criticism.

Get a solid basis if you’re entering the field and be challenged to advanced strategic thinking if it’s future perspectives you’re after.


Sparks coordinator Eciste, as well as partners Copernicus Science Centre, Ustanova Hiša eksperimentov, Tycho Brahe Planetarium, AHHAA Science Centre and ERRIN will bring in experience from the Sparks project contributing to three sessions:

Friday 16 June, 09:00-10:15
This session will explore public engagement methods from four Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) projects that support citizens, individually or in a community, in unleashing their potential to contribute actively in the “science for all” paradigm.
Citizen scientists have the capacity to drive social innovation as (co)-experts, have their say on financial priorities and contribute to defining research agendas. Citizens together with other stakeholders are responsible for the quality life of all members of the community.
Friday 16 June, 12:00-13:15
Both technology and what people are expecting awe-inspiring events to look like is changing fast: science communication and public engagement activities need to keep up and adapt. Age-old science communication formats yearn for modernization and reformation. In this workshop, PE professionals from all over Europe will take the participants on a hands-on journey to get a taste of some of the innovative formats that have the X factor, for instance science espressos and reverse science cafés. Participants will not only get a theoretical overview of innovative public engagement formats but an explainer + researcher team will also carry out two activities with the audience so that everyone involved can get a first-hand experience. The activities will be based on the lessons learnt during Sparks!
Saturday 17 June, 16:30-17:45
X-factor, The Voice, MasterChef, you name it, talent scouting is a big thing and makes prize-winning television. Do we embrace science communication talent just as passionately as we embrace young singers and chefs? Can we spot and support these talents? Or is science communication too important to leave to young talents? But then, they will shape the future of science.
This session, will adress the following questions: how can universities nurture the communication skills of PhD-students and post-docs? Do young talents get the chance to develop into mature science communicators? When young researchers tell about their work, do audiences still get to discuss more difficult ethical issues or social responsibility? And as major concern, where do science centres and museums come in?
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Events date: 
Friday, June 16, 2017 to Saturday, June 17, 2017