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Sparks: learning and feedback collection process

Along with the itinerant exhibition, Sparks set up a data collection process and analysis aimed at conceptualising the knowledge acquired in the project in order to contribute to the development of a wider Responsible Research and Innovation governance framework across Europe.  The research was in particularly aimed at:

  • Understanding stakeholders’ and citizens’ perceptions, interests, motivations and readiness to engage in RRI in the field of health,
  • Identifying the most effective tools and strategies to encourage citizens’ participation in research in the field of health and contribute to capacity building mechanisms for societal engagement,
  • Serve as a strong basis for policy recommendations in the field of RRI at EU level and for future research aimed at engaging citizens in science.

As such, the research was conducted with citizens who visited the Sparks exhibition and participated in Sparks activities (via a survey to collect their perceptions and motivations regarding Sparks events), as well as with Sparks local organisers (via a template to elaborate a report on their experiences). This empirical research was conducted on a sample of 4362 citizens who participated in Sparks events and 27 Sparks local organisers across 27 European countries. The citizens' feedback was collected and made publicly available in the shape of a collection of databases organised in Google Fusion Table.

  • access the feedback collection from participants in Sparks activities here.
  • access the feedback collection from visitors of the Sparks exhibition here.

Read all the findings from the Sparks data collection and analysis in the Sparks Capture Learning Report which can be downloaded here

Events date: 
Wednesday, July 11, 2018